Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Download Deutsch perfekt Magazine + Audio track

Deutsch perfekt is an ideal blend of professional journalism and successful language training. Interesting texts and topical issues provide important insights into life in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and at the same time form the backbone of Deutsch perfekt's unique language service.

In every issue, month after month, the magazine offers lively and engaging material to help learners achieve fluency in German.

Zippyshare: 2005 , 2006 , 2007 , 2008 , 2009 , 2010 (part1 , part2) , 2011 , 2012 (part1 , part2)


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Download Fit fürs Goethe-Zertifikat C2 + CD

PDF , CD1 , CD2
Das Werk richtet sich an alle Lernenden mit Sprachkenntnissen auf dem Niveau C2, die sich auf die Prüfung Goethe-Zertifikat C2 /Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom vorbereiten wollen.
Das Material macht mit den Inhalten und dem Format der Prüfung vertraut, vermittelt Prüfungsstrategien, erklärt, worauf es in der Prüfung ankommt, und gibt authentisches Übungsmaterial an die Hand.

Im Anhang finden sich Lösungsschlüssel und Transkriptionen sowie ein "Antwortbogen". Die eingelegte Audio-CD enthält die Hörtexte.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Download Grammatica storica della lingua italiana e dei suoi dialetti

Fondamentale è poi la sua monumentale opera in tre volumi Historische Grammatik der italienischen Sprache und ihrer Mundarten. Lehnen, München, pubblicata negli anni 1949-1954 e tradotta in italiano da Einaudi negli anni 1966-1969, con il titolo Grammatica storica della lingua italiana e dei suoi dialetti.

Grammatica storica della lingua italiana e dei suoi dialetti (titolo originale: Historische Grammatik der italienischen Sprache und ihrer Mundarten) è un'opera scritta dal filologo tedesco Gerhard Rohlfs in 3 volumi: morfologia, Sintassi e formazione delle parole e fonetica pubblicata tra il 1949-1954 e tradotta in italiano da Einaudi negli anni 1966-1969.

Download TUTTO - Tedesco: Un Dizionario completo, una Grammatica essenziale

Un dizionario completo, una grammatica essenziale per non avere problemi con il tedesco Un dizionario con oltre 40.000 parole. Una grammatica completa e di uso pratico. Per scrivere correttamente e tradurre velocemente tutte le espressioni.

Source language: Italian

Target language: German

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Download Foreign Service Institute (FSI) German Course + AudioCD

This course is the complete German basic-level language program developed by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). The course has been used for over thirty years by United States government diplomats and officers for learning the German language. Other popular language programs (including Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur) rely heavily on the methods pioneered in this exclusive course.

The course contains over 30 hours of educational audio divided into 24 units. The program is designed to help students reach a level of proficiency which will enable them to participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations. The course also includes a student reference manual that can be used in conjunction with the audio lessons. The reference manual consists of over 700 pages of exercises and drills that supplement the audio portion of the course.

You will receive a DVD containing all 24 audio units in MP3 format. In addition, the DVD will contain the complete reference manual in PDF format, which allows for easy printing and searching. All audio has been digitally remastered to provide the highest possible sound quality. The audio can also be loaded onto an iPod or other MP3 player for easy listening on the go.

German Programmed Introduction Course ( PDF , AudioCD1 , AudioCD2)
German Headstart PDF , AudioCD1 , AudioCD2)
German FAST PDF , AudioCD)
German Basic Course Vol 1 PDF , AudioCD1 , AudioCD2)
German Basic Course Vol 2 PDF , AudioCD1 , AudioCD2 , AudioCD3)