Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Download Rocket German course

Rocket German is perfect for those who want to learn German in a personalized and comprehensive way. You get the freedom to choose when to learn, at the convenience of any location. With more than 11 hours of audio lessons you can take with you, constant travel and a hectic schedule are no longer hindrances to learning the German language. You choose your own pace instead of conforming to the speed of an instructor or the schedule of a language class. You also have full support each step of the way. All questions, technical or lesson-related, are just an email or a phone call away from being answered. With Rocket German, you get to go beyond the language too, learning not only about the “do’s and don’ts” when speaking German, but also learning about a wide range of cultural “must-knows” to make all your German encounters as pleasant and as embarrassment-free as possible.

Grammar, Exercises and Activities
Interactive Audio Course.part1
Interactive Audio Course.part2
Bonus Audio Lessons
MegaCards Bonus
MegaGerman! Game