Saturday, June 21, 2014

Download Routledge Intensive German Course with audio CD

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This intensive foundation course in German is designed for students with no previous knowledge of the language. Offering an original and distinctive approach to language learning, the course presents German within its cultural context and encourages both practical language skills and enhanced communicative strategies.

An answer key is supplied for all relevant exercises, and features of the course include:

reading and listening texts as well as texts for closer analysis
‘language focus’ sections on grammar, ‘test your knowledge’ exercises and issues of style and social communication
informative notes explaining cultural references
lots of exercises, including revision of previously learnt vocabulary or language patterns.
Using authentic language throughout, the Routledge Intensive German Course takes students from beginner to intermediate level in one year. Progress is carefully structured, starting with simple grammar and working towards more complex points with the acquisition of a significant body of vocabulary, so ultimately enabling students to understand complex language patterns and express themselves fluently in a wide range of situations.



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    the site give always a new chapta

    1. don't panic! try this link:

  4. Mr. Almanii! The audio parts of this book are expired. Could you please send them to me? Here is my email:

  5. can you reupload the audios plz. thank in advance

  6. Luckily i could take a intensive course german while i was in berlin while visiting my aunt.

    It was a great experience to learn my mother tongue.