Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Download Teach Yourself Improve Your German + Audio CD

Filefactory   Ziddu

For language learners stuck at rudimentary greetings and memorized phrases, this new Teach Yourself Improve Your Language Audiopack series is the ideal way to move beyond beginners' basics. By building on existing knowledge, readers improve the competency of their spoken and written communication.
Lively, authentic dialogues cover a range of situations, such as making invitations and suggestions; writing job descriptions; talking about past events; conveying hotel requirements; making complaints; shopping; and describing ailments. The course also expands sophisticated linguistic skills, such as expressing obligation and needs; probability; contrasting ideas; and regret.



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  2. is there any website like this for french learner?

  3. the links are not working anymore. Coulf you fix them , please?

  4. confirm PDF .. from ziddu and the audios Too , thanks almanii