Thursday, December 20, 2012

Download EuroPlus+ Sprachkurs Deutsch 2009 DVD

Interactive program for learning German. Rich material prepared on the basis of textbooks Sprachkurs Deutsch publisher Moritz Diesterweg. Coupled with the functional, multimedia educational system, this material provides a high level of language learning. Because of the use of the most advanced information technologies, such as user authentication speech - IBM ViaVoice, and access to Internet resources, language effectively and very attractive. The program is designed for teaching at the primary level to medium.

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Serial #: SK2-21942-jvJ1-PL



  1. Läuft nicht Win8. Haben Sie eine Idee.

  2. البرنامج بلغه غريبه اعتقد بولندى مافيش نسخه انجليزى

  3. the program is not by English,i mean the sofwear ? do you have English version ?

  4. its like polish i think so