Monday, January 21, 2013

Download Pocket quiz. Deutsch für Ausländer, Grammatik: 150 Fragen und Antworten

playing cards in German. ideal benefit not only to the practice of German grammar, but also to prepare for the exam! With these you can repeat kartiochkami already passed the material to consolidate and refresh their knowledge. In dannyykomplekt includes 50 cards on 3 questions each. The correct answers to the questions can be found on the reverse side. Play Q & A as you can in the company of friends, and the courses together with your friend. Playing this fascinating game of questions and answers, you can also enrich your German: you can always find new words, new words. In this file, for easy reading all the cards arbitrarily numbered on both sides. After printing cards can be good to make them to long you will last. For example, they can be cut out and laminate! total in the series POCKET QUIZ about 70 different cards with different themes for the games. For information on other cards you will find in the liner, scan which is also attached to the end of the document.

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