Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Download Krabat, or Legends of the old mill

Zippyshare or Davvas
Author: Otfried Proysler Name: Krabat, or Legends of the old mill Publisher: Audiobook own hands this book sounded: Alexey Kovalyonok Year: 2013 Genre: Fairytale Audio Codec: MP3 Bitrate: 96 kbps Duration: 04 hours 30 min. Quality: Excellent Size: 191 MB XVII century. Europe. Wandering around the world, young man Krabat discovers an old mill on the banks of the Black River. It is home to a mysterious wizard and his apprentice-boys. Krabat decides to stay with them. Too late he realizes that enchanted mill and Master - a real black magician ... Krabat accidentally gets to the mill in Kozelbruhe. This mill in the district say that there is unclean. Six of its millstones grind day after day barley, oats and wheat, but local farmers bypass its side. Only visitor mill - a mysterious stranger in black, with a cock's feather, whose light illuminates the mill. Master calls Stranger Lord and afraid of him. Every full moon he arrives at the mill on the heavy wagon to grind something (unlike the movie Krabat. Sorcerer's Apprentice, in the story does not specify what exactly), in the seventh, "dead" (usually not used) millstone. mill itself is black magic school, where the one-eyed master secret science teaches his twelve apprentices. On the purpose pursued by the Master and the stranger, arranging school, does not say. Every New Year's Eve is one of the twelve boys shall die, to extend the life of the Master, so his contract with a stranger. In place of the deceased Master leads the novice. In the process of complex relationships with their wards Masters every year it always falls on the choice of one of them: so were deprived of their lives first Tonda after - Michal. Each of them dug his own grave, buried them in the wasteland. On the eve of Easter each guys bring an oath of allegiance to the Master, a series of similar events is repeated from year to year. Ambitious Master entree to the Elector of Saxony and the most cherished dream of becoming an influential minister, Marshal or the Chancellor at the Polish crown, to live in wealth and honor. Escaping from the mill in Kozelbruhe impossible fugitive always returns to her Master bewitched his way. There is only one way to put the end of everything. Only one! If there is a girl who loves you, and if she asks you to let go of the Master and be able to withstand the test of ... More in the first year at the mill Krabat loved female songster of Schvartskolma. However, Master ruined first Vorshulu, female Tondo, fearing damaging to young people love him, and now comes the turn of Krabat and songster. Master enough to know the girl's name to destroy her power of witchcraft. Krabat eventually succeeds in secret science, and using Yuro seizes ability to resist the will of the Master. On the last day of the third year at the mill, after Krabat refused to succeed in school and Masters already dug himself a grave on the heath, songbird is the Master, and asks her to give her boyfriend. It runs the scheduled test, blindfolded Krabat learns of other apprentices, feeling his fear for her. Master will not live until midnight mill is about to collapse into flame, and Krabat apprentice saved: they leave the mill, shackles Masters destroyed, boys lose the ability to cast spells.


  1. salam. in ke be zabane almani nist?fekr konam roosi chizi bashe! angizatoon az gozashtanesh chi bood?!!!

    1. Motmaeini? ye bar dige download kon ;)
      Merc ke gofti. avazesh kardam.
      Movafagh bashi

  2. salam. in dafe almanie vali faghat mp3 hast. PDF nadare? mamnoon.

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  4. Hallo Almanii,

    Haben Sie PDF file? Danke.